School Best Friend was established in 2004 and is a successful language training school located in the suburb of Krakow, in a picturesque green area , close to the airport Balice ( only 10 min. away)
The school is located only about 15 km away from Krakow, the city which offers a rich culture heritage illustrated throughout its history.
Krakow is a great destination for students who want to enjoy The Polish welcome, get to know the culture, learn about Polish customs, its tradition , meet friendly and hospitable people.

School Best Friend is accredited by Cambridge University Press and is British Council Supplier Institution in Poland for Cambridge ESOL examinations.
In September 2006 Best Friend received the title of the Pre-Test Institution of Cambridge University, whose mission is to conduct trials and testing of Cambridge University.
Our school has the status of non-public educational institution (Act on Education System of 7 September 1991, Journal of Laws 2004, nr.256, 2572 with subsequent amendments) and was entered in the records of schools and private educational institutions under the registration number28/2005.

School BEST FRIEND is also a training institution of Voivodship Labour Office in Krakow - under the registration number of training institutions 2.12/00229/2005
Over the past 6 years Best Friend has earned a reputation as a provider of high quality training to students and institutions( see the recommendations on our website: www.betfriend.edu.pl)
School BEST FRIEND offers a wide variety of courses ranging from General English to Business English; Summer and Winter School; and IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses.
As part of our educational activities we offer:
• English courses for young learners (4-6 years)
• English courses for early school-age children (7-8 years)
• English courses for children (9-12 years)
• English courses for high school students and high school
• General English courses for adults at all levels of sophistication
• Training courses for Cambridge exams
• Specialist courses: Business English, English Survival
• English courses run by Direct Method of Teaching Callan/Avalon Method
• English training and language courses for employees of companies and institutions
• Conversation classes

The classes are run according to the latest standards and recommendations of the European Council , adapting them to the requirements of the Cambridge University exams. We develop the curricula in accordance with the recommendations of methodologists, taking into account our students’ age and their level of English.
Learning takes place in the standard groups (6-12 people), in small groups from 2 to 5 people, and one to one lessons. Our lessons are conducted by qualified native English and Polish teachers.
We regularly check the progress of our students (homework, tests), and at the end of each semester students receive a personalized card assessment of their work. The annual study ends with an examination , each students obtains a certificate of attendance at a certain level of advancement.

In the interests of our students, we offer free consultations and assistance in catching up.

Caring for a high level of education, since its beginning school BEST FRIEND has been actively working with publishers such as: Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press . Our teachers take an active part in methodological workshops organized by the publishers, broadening their knowledge on the latest teaching techniques.

»Cambridge University Press - School assessment ( see our website)
»Cambridge University Press - Score school ( see our website)
»Oxford University Press – references ( see our website)
Teaching at Best Friend is focused on students’ needs, interests and aims. The lessons take place in an environment in which learners are being constantly challenge and motivated in order to develop confidence in their ability. Students are carefully tested in all four language skills, then graded and assigned to a class suited to their level of English.

School Best Friend cooperates with the local authorities, taking part in social and cultural events , we also cooperate with Shell company especially CRS Project Team ( Community Social Responsibility) organizing cross cultural meetings, conferences with foreign Shell employees who are living and working in Poland.

SZKOŁA JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO  BEST FRIEND   ul. Kolejowa 15   32-080 Zabierzów   tel. 285 46 02   szkola@bestfriend.edu.pl